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Charter Quality

The Syndicate of the Integrated Services and Teleservices ( S.I.S.T ) frees the label TELESERVICES QUALITY to adherents after evaluation of conformity to ten points of the quality charter by the independent cabinet Evolution Council +.

AORTEL and its team make a liability :

1. To elaborate conditions of contract of its offer of services adapted to needs of the customer, conditions of contract of the offer is liability and duty of abilities.

2. To inform the customer of any evolution which would modify the nature and the service offer

3. To accept each mission in coherence with the conditions of contract of the offer and for which the company guarantees.
a) Of its team.
b) Of its equipment and its maintenance.
b) Of the liability quality of the suppliers.
d) Of its organization including its possible subcontractors.

4. To conclude with every customer a service contract in accordance with the legal context and the concerned professional specificities.

5. In the professional secret and to implement the necessary ability for the reassurance of the access to information.

6. To use the information of the customer file only for the Teleservice concerned and …………………with the customer in accordance with the legislation in force.

7. To contract guarantees of insurance adapted to the nature of services in particular product responsibility insurance.

8. To justify the liability quality of the suppliers and the maintenance of its equipments.

9. To maintain the degree of quality for which the company has committed at the level of:
a) The skill and the qualification of its team.
b) Of its equipment and the liability quality of its suppliers.
c) Its organization including its possible subcontractors.

10. To respect all the social and fiscal obligations and particularly as regards of statement of jobs and payment of social contributions.

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